It seems like forever ago I wrote about the new year flipping over. Seems like a lot longer than four weeks. So much to do, it’s hard to sit and be able to complete one thought, one email, one podcast – one PodCamp. I’ve got fragments of everything lying around my desk and on my laptop. Breathe deep, Lynette, after this weekend things will slow down a bit…not really but I am trying to think positive thoughts!

This weekend, January 26-28, there will be a PodCamp in Second Life. My idea to try to bring globally located people together in the villiage of Second Life to share ideas, communication, and support across the podcasting community. In reality there are many of us that are working to get the Camp together. I’ll leave all the name dropping and blog linking for later. Right now I’m trying my hardest to stay 110% focused on PodCamp, when in reality 3 other things are on the burner for me right now too. All of them good, but still. It takes time, and that’s the only thing I *can’t* buy with Lindens$.

So while being so beyond busy with PodCamp, I’ve been hit up on more times than I can count for work. Not PAID work, but people wanting favors. Favors that I was always too nice to refuse even a stranger, even if it diverted my time away from paid work or PodCamp.

The other day I had a complete flip out session at my house, thought I’d lost my mind. There is really no good way of putting it I guess, but in a nutshell, I’m burnt out from helping others at my own expense just to have them turn around and pull business out from under me.

“Oh, thanks Lynette for all your help whenever I felt like demanding your time – I just yanked a client right out from under you, and they pay great! Can you help me some more (for free) because I still don’t have any clue, business experience, or sense of ethics!”

Yeah, that kind of stuff.

If ever a time in my life that I wanted to Skype someone and scream until I lost my voice again, it was this past week. After ranting to some friends that I truely love (and this includes my husband), I woke up the next morning with an entirely different attitude. No longer will I be used by people. No more favors, “oh hey I have a quick question”, or used to make introductions that just bite me in the butt later on. So let it be said, right here and right now, that I’m not blowing off anyone because I’m a crank, it’s more because it’s drained my sanity and my wallet to do so. I will not accept less qualified people being awarded things I have worked so long for – not at least without speaking up over the injustice.

So that next morning, with my renewed vigor to get my own piece of the pie, I got call backs and acceptance on a small project I’ve been hoping for. It’s a start.