Philly Game
How was your Mother’s Day? Mine? Crazy. I planned on sleeping in this morning, but nature took it’s course and the sun came up – meaning I woke up at 6am.  We had an unplanned overnight visitor in our bed, Kidlette couldn’t sleep and wound up with us because on Saturday she slipped in the shower and wound up with a horrible wicked bruise on her side and ribs.  I’m still wondering if she cracked a rib or not.  By 8am I had kids laughing and climbing all over me trying to get my attention, the very best way to start a day I think. Not only did I receive some very beautiful artwork and homemade cards from my daughter, I got a gorgeous silver necklace and pendant with a mother and two children.  Still strikes me as strange to look at it and realize I’ve got two kids.  This is my second Mother’s Day with two kids, but for some reason it really hit home this year.

The rest of our day was spent with my husband’s family and then my family and all of our miscellaneous mothers, grandmothers, and aunts (and the 50 other family members that go along with them). I ate too much food and the kids were overtired. Today’s craziness came right on the heels of a baseball game yesterday where Kidlette got to march in a parade (with about 2000 other people!) around the Philadelphia Phillies field.  Dad is their head coach and I even got a quick shot of them on the JumboTron at the stadium!  The baby was out of his mind insane, or wait, maybe that was *me* for bringing him along.  In any case, this weekend was very busy and tiring and I want to know where the hell my vacation and spa trip is?!

Seriously though, I caught myself all weekend long looking at my kids and husband being extremely thankful that we are all together and healthy.  And happy.  Crazy, but happy.

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