Last night I was back in NYC with my girlfriend Jen with a few things on our agenda. Jen is a professionally-trained classical singer (sings opera mostly) and first headed off for a lesson. I know less than zero about training your voice for something like this, or even knowing what is good or bad. But everyone else I’ve ever encountered tells me that Jen’s voice is perfection. All I know is that when she sings you can *feel* her voice and it brings me near-tears. Amazing. I was so lucky to be able to watch her practice with an instructor of hers, who seemed to be able to know exactly the right way to have Jen tweak her voice to have her go from amazing to angelic in one note.

The other reason for our city trip yesterday was to see Sxip Shirey’s Hour Of Charm (which by the way lasts considerably longer than an hour) at Joe’s Pub. Jen is a huge fan of Amanda from Dresden Dolls (and is quickly becoming a fav of mine too) and she was one of the act’s in Sxip’s circus show. I got myself all confused on our location because just last Wednesday I was directly across the street to see Blue Man Group. My directional dyslexia caused us to miss meeting up with my friend Tom (who hooked me up with the BMG tickets last week).

I purposely didn’t look up any info on the show because I like to be surprised most times. Boy was I ever! I had heard of some of the acts, reputation only, but had not even You Tube searched for clips. Two bottles of wine between the pair of us helped my perception a bit. I’m a closet-fan of the vaudeville style shows anyhow, so Sxip’s show was right up my alley. Pretty much any off-Broadway middle-of-the-week show consisting mainly of independent thinkers and gay men is going to be a hit with me 😉

My voice feels a little strained today, not for the cold of NYC, but only for the fact that Jen and I talk NON STOP when we see each other. Do not ever shut up. Well, we did take naps on the way back on the train, but sleeping has to be excluded from our talk fests.

Not that I ever doubted it, for even a second, but my husband truely loves me. He not only took our daughter to school this morning (so I could sleep til noon), he picked her up from school today and brought me my favorite sub sandwich from WaWa.