LynetteRadio 2015 Thankfulness

Today I am thankful for my daughter. She’s my oldest and the one that made me a mom. She’s also so like me that I literally feel that sometimes – especially now that she is 14 – I’m looking into a mirror that can travel through time. She’s fiercely independent (like me) but still a whole unique person separate from me and everyone else.

She’s got an amazing quirky sense of style, rainbow hair, empathy of the likes I’ve never seen before and a pretty strong sense of what BS she is willing to put up with (or dish out.)

Her voice – whoa that girl’s voice! She lives for choir and the school musicals, and doesn’t even mind getting ‘guy’ roles because of her strong alto/tenor range.

She still sits on the couch with me and geeks out over Doctor Who (MY fav) but then just as easily goes down a rabbit hole with manga and teaching herself Japanese.

Sometimes I wonder if her full-on “feminist and geek” outlook has anything to do with me because it honestly just seems born into her. Whatever the case, she’s a young person with an incredible amount of vibrant life in her and ahead of her. I honestly couldn’t be more proud.