LynetteRadio 10th Anniversary

It’s not quite 10 years yet – that comes in June – but I just realized today that my blog here is a decade old. I’ve had blogs before this one that are lost to now (trust me, it’s for the best.) My oldest blog was hand-coded and existed because of my first dog. Before that my mark online was made with Prodigy and CompuServe and ICQ channels and private BBS boards.

This blog and I have been through a LOT of stuff.

This site is full of MySpace, Second Life, Flickr, Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat.

It’s seen me through new cars, the loss of relatives and pets, new jobs and new businesses, podcasting, events, meetups, conferences, parent blogging, trips, vacations, craft stores, fashion, makeup, speaking gigs, tech blogging, rants, reviews, reskins and redesigns aplenty.

It’s full of spelling and grammar mistakes and a ton of Jersey girl slang.

It’s full of history. MY history.

It’s full of stuff I’ve messed up on. False starts. More false starts.

It’s full of mindless typing.

It’s full of pictures and memories that I’ve either forgotten about already or wish I could forget about already.

It’s seen me gain weight.

It’s seen me through four surgeries.

It’s allowed me to grow friendships.

It’s allowed me to stick a big flag in the ground and claim my piece of the universe.

It’s allowed me to whine and complain.

It’s allowed me to hide heartbreak and disappointment.

It’s allowed me to celebrate.

This blog has grown ME.

This blog is allowing me to grow again.

Thanks for sticking around. Have a piece of cake. You deserve it!

— Lynette