Well, tomorrow is the day. Baby day. Took about 10 months to get here, a lot longer actually. Went out tonight with my mom and Kidlette to Chili’s for dinner (Phish takes the train home from work and couldn’t make it in time). My bag is packed, diapers have been purchased, carseat is sitting in the living room. Halloween costume for Kidlette’s school party is ready, as well as her snacks & backpack. Sent Phish out with a friend for a bite to eat and some beers. My mom wrote a list of how to take care of said-6-year-old from 7am to 7:50am when she needs to walk to the bus stop. Blows my mind how much planning it takes to get one kid out the door to school – when it’s not me acting on auto-pilot to do it. Never realized how much I **DO** as a mom. I just do it. I think it’s more tiring to arrange for someone else to take care of your life for a few days than just do it yourself!

To be honest, keeping this busy the night before is a good thing. I have been having wicked nightmares the past few weeks about this whole surgery / c-section thing. Not thrilled about getting gutted like a fish. Don’t want to HEAR any of the surgery, just want the baby out nice and healthy. Ready to be done with this part of my life – being pregnant for the last time – and move on to the next phase. Raise our kids, grow our marriage, love our family. Move forward with our business. Build a deck on the back of our house. Stuff like that. Strange to sit here and reflect about life the day before our son is to be born, strange in the fact that we got to plan this and not wait for nature to take its course.

Anyway, as you might well imagine, I’ll be offline for a few days, most likely back on Sunday. Hospital does not have wifi, and it will be difficult for me to be so disconnected. No, don’t tell me to unplug for four days! It’s more than just that!! My grandmother is staying with one of her kids several states away, and it would mean a whole lot to me to be able to email my aunt/uncle pictures for them to pass along to my grandma. My brother goes to college three states away and I’d like him to be able to video chat with me and see his new nephew. Staying connected for me isn’t just geeky tech stuff, it’s family stuff.

Be sure to check back here often – or my Twitter account! – for updates as I can send them from my laptop or phone! Until then – lots of love!!!