So I’ve survived thus far. Kidlette has begun adapting to a crying baby, although I don’t think he cries all that much. Poor girl, last week I was on the other side of the house and Jack started crying from his crib, and Kidlette got so freaked out she went and hid in the kitchen pantry and cried. So sad, but cute at the same time.

It’s been an adjustment getting used to the altered sleep schedule and getting a 1st grader out the door. Up til now my husband has had that last duty, but he’s pretty much done with ‘paternity’ leave, so it’s all up to me now! I was used to getting up every 1.25 hours to go pee when I was pregnant, so getting up 2x-3x a night to feed and diaper a baby isn’t too much different.
The harder adjustment is to work the weird hours I do (Second Life tends to run on 24 time zones). It’s hard to type up a client email or contract with a baby in your arms. Work gets done but now I just have to start much earlier than I did before.

PS – You have to go check out Dad Labs. By far the funniest parenting blog/vidcast or whatever I’ve ever seen. Hell, I even got my husband to download a bunch of shows and watch them on the plane (he’s on a biz trip now). They put out four episodes a week! My fav’s by far are when one of the Dad’s gets their mom on the show.