I’m heading over to PodCampNYC this weekend. I signed up to present a talk, Women in Podcasting, and it’s being held at 1pm – in direct conflict with Chris Penn and CC Chapman. I’m doomed. At least this time slot tends to be a time of day where I’m not completely dragging tired looking for a couch to nap on.

Honestly, I can’t get over how many people are attending. When it was first announced, I had figured maybe 200-250 people, tops. I swear they are going to hit 1,000 signups. Lots of talks. I figure if 1/2 the folks cram into Chris/CC’s talks, that leaves 500 to fill the other 10 sessions. That still averages out to 50 people per talk. Oh…..my….I better shine my talk. Ugh. And now I can’t attend the two talks I was hoping to.
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