I will be at PodCamp NYC this weekend. I will have my cell phone, if you know it, use it. I will have my laptop, but not sure how good the WiFi is (I stayed at the New Yorker Hotel last week when we attended Virtual Worlds, but didn’t bring my 25 pound gear bag).

I will most likely be sporting my trademark purple streak in my hair, it’s been gone for about 2 weeks after YEARS of wearing it (I had to cover some gray hair). If all goes well, we will be in NYC from Friday late afternoon to early Sunday morning.

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We plan on going to the Brother Love shindig on Saturday night, but pretty much everything else is open. I’m trying not to make hard/fast plans as events like this generally plan themselves while you’re there.

I am speaking at 1pm in the Chelsea B (Floor 4) ballroom. Thank God it only holds 60 people.

To contact me: Violet (dot) Rogue (at) gMail (dot) com. I can check this email account from my crappy cell phone, so it’s your best bet.

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