Some may know this, some may not… By trade (as in what normally shows up on my resume) is that I’m a project manager. Usually – but not always – I’m overseeing technical projects, but always in a fast-moving, very boring corporate environment. To date, I’ve been in project manager ‘pools’ that get dealt out like playing cards to unmanaged projects to go in and clean up… I’ve been involved in projects to act as a boot camp drill sergeant to straighten out the troops and spit-shine the equipment to get ready for mergers so the purchasing company doesn’t realize what a train wreck they just bought.

I’m now at a company, small in size, big in ideas, that honestly in one week’s time has completely changed my views on how the new media space should be done – and done right. I’m talking about crayon.  Yep, I’m now a crayonista.  Click the link in my side menu to go check out the site, find out what we are all about.  Hmmpf, I say “we” but I’m a crayon noob, but still seem to fit in quite quickly.
No worries, my own company Purple Stripe Productions is still alive and kicking.  We’ve got a few large projects in the works for clients in Second Life, and a growing team of designers and developers that still need to be fed.