Amazing. That is the only word I can think of. Last night I attended the Podsafe Music Live concert via Second Life and a streaming server. I lent them one of my streams to use, anything for the cause ‘ya know… From the very first note, it felt like history in the making. I wonder if the hippies at Woodstock felt the same way? Did they KNOW while it was happening? Well, us geeks that attended the PML show on the Internet and in Second Life felt the same way.

I brought along a real life friend (who is in Second Life now too) to the Virtual U-Turn Cafe to dance a bit and listen to five of the most amazing artist that the word “podsafe” has ever churned out. Stunk a bit that the connection at the venue couldn’t barely support the outgoing stream let alone a connection into Second Life, but we managed. To hear the live audience sing along to the songs, I’m sure every one of the artists were blown away… and for me to see that the Second Life community was ‘singing’ along (we like to type the words to the song as *if* we were singing). Fans that were in SL were plugging their favorite artist, passing along URL’s to new listeners, and those new people were BUYING the music from iTunes right then and there. Blew my mind. IT WORKS. Butterflies flapping their wings. That’s what last night was.

And as for my friend I brought along, he’s now hooked on Matthew Ebel and Kevin Reeves. Before last night he didn’t know what “podsafe music” was. Now he’s a believer.

I couldn’t be more proud.