I’m back from the Podcast and Portable Media Expo in California. I don’t even know where to begin. That’s not just talk, I REALLY did so much and met so many other podcasters, Second Life people, musicians, and just a ton of PEOPLE. Let’s see if I can do a roll-call so everyone gets their mention! I’m gonna whip up a few podcasts with my experiences, so lest I forget someone here…. I will mention you in the shows!!

Alex & Dean (alexanddean.com)
Anya (atmpodcast.libsyn.com)
Billy Hicks (slbillyhicks.blogspot.com)
Bob (pizzababe.com)
Brad P (wholelotofnonsense.org)
BROTHER LOVE (brotherloverocks.com)
Cad Commons (SL)
Canis Lupus (bandtrax.podshow.com)
CC Chapman (cc-chapman.com)
Douglas (welchwrite.com and lapodcasters.com)
Ed Roberts (kcweather.org & lookingoutthewindow.com & SL)
Eric (mediocreshow.com)
Eric Rice (ericrice.com)
Frank (theovernightscape.com)
Gary (PodcastPickle.com)
Jack (getjacked.hanamas.com & SL)
Jen & Corey (bucketpodcast.com)
Jenny (pizzababe.com)
Jim Long (vergenewmedia.com)
Joe (gngnb.com)
Joe Klein (podcastvoiceguys.com)
Julian (inoveryourhead.net)
JvonD (jvond.com)
Karen & Karla & Franklin (rumorgirls.com)
Kera (the-broad-cast.com)
Kidder & Lorax & Coochie (greatsexgames.com)
Lance Heath (digitalexpericencepodcast.com)
Larry (b2billinois.com)
Marcus Couch (thescenezine.com)
Mark (specialdelivery.libsyn.com)
MB (bsmkl.com & SL)
Michael Carrino (dmcex.com)
Mike Hamilton
Paige & Gretchen & Paul & Jeff (mommycast.com)
Richard (podshow.com)
Rob Walch (Podcast411.com)
Robin (insytworks.com)
SoCalDave (SL)
Soccergirl (soccergirl.podshow.com)
Stephen (escapepod.com)
Steve (lifespringpodcast.com)
Steve (wildebeat.net)
Taylor (mediocreshow.com)
Tigger (tigger.thefreaknetwork.com)
Tory (idiotboxradio.com)
Yxes Delicroix (gbaffair.com)
Zilla (zillafag.com)

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