I have no time to write a longer post but to say that IT’S TOO FREAKING HOT OUTSIDE. I am trying to stay indoors with air conditioning for as long as possible, but I really need to go clothes shopping and get some shorts. When I go to pick up Kidlette from the bus stop seven houses away I’ll just keep on driving and go to Old Navy or someplace quick and cheap to get some summer clothes. I sorted through Kidlette’s clothes yesterday and got rid of all the outgrown items and reorganized her closet for summer. Come to think of it I should really get a few pairs of shorts for the baby. While I’m sure he’d be quite happy all summer wearing a white onesie, he’d look pretty ghetto.

I hate clothes shopping. Maybe I’ll enjoy it more when I’m back into single-digit clothing sizes again. But baby weight is a bitch and I hate shopping.