Welcome to my new gaming addiction. No surprise that my family is a family of hardcore geeks.  We must own 12 (working) computers, a graveyard of parts, 3 game consoles and about 30 board games, including my favorite, Trailer Park Wars.  The XBOX was my birthday present this year along with a pink wireless controller.  After putting the kids to bed I search out a drink and kick my husband back into his office.  Or let him fall asleep on the couch watching me play, because, well, if you’re not playing, it’s pretty damn boring.

The “new XBOX experience” upgrade gives us Wii-style avatars that you can customize.  (I’m an old pro since Second Life has been providing me unlimited abilities to customize my look for years now.)  With the new custom avatars on XBOX, a new downloadable game became available, Kingdom for Keflings a mere 800 Microsoft Points ($10).  It’s a mix between Wii My Sims and maybe SimCity, with a touch of Godzilla (you are a giant after all).  The object of the game is to build a castle.  To do this you construct buildings and balance resources.  The game is so new, or possibly so unpopular, that there really aren’t any walkthroughs out yet giving hints on how to best go about mapping out your little Kefling city.  So I decided to start mapping out all the game objects you need to get a castle built and put it up on a Google Doc.  Wow, did I just do that?  Once I go through the game to the end, I’ll go back and start a new game using my own strategy and see how it goes.

Yes, there are plenty of other constructive uses of my time.  I have a ton of other things to do with my life.  But my brain is fried from being a mom, and I am in desperate need of a mental break.  Since I have a need to juggle as many things as humanly possible at one time, this game makes perfect sense to me (having to make sure every little worker is busy being productive and reallocating resources as needed, without the help of some cheater status box).

The only thing I need now is a XBOX Live Gold account so I can play online with other people and not be so isolated online all the time!

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