I'm poking around the new Google+ Local using a "real-word" case study – ME. So far I give it a 2 out of 10 stars. I can browse, but I want to search & search on specific criteria. 

I need to find a really good restaurant:

1) in Manhattan for Sunday night June 3rd
2) that can accommodate 5-10 people (as I collect them to meet for dinner!)
3) needs to have an atmosphere where we can have conversations (not bar/club levels of noise)
4) NOT Italian food (good heavens I have too much of that in NJ!)
5) I would like to see real-time reservation status (or hours, or inventory, or whatever is applicable to the venue I'm searching for)
6) with positive reviews from people I'm connected with in my social graph

I have other ways of getting this information or finding a place, I was looking at this as an experiment to use Google+ Local ;(

Five minutes into my search for a place for dinner, these are my first reactions. Should I hit Yelp or Zagat in the meantime? Where do YOU recommend I go?


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