I left your world a long time ago, but if you are currently punching the clock and doin' time in a big ol' cube farm (corporate office) – it's your job to make the ecosystem and environment FUN. Trust me, your senior management isn't going to do it for you!

Can't stand your co-workers? Try doing something fun and out of the box to at least see if they have any redeeming qualities. I'm not talking "Luau Day" – you have to at least make some creative attempts. Chances are you spend just as much time at work with these people as you do your own family – why not come up with ways to look forward to walking in the door every morning?!

Got any ideas?

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What to do at work

I love Fridays. They mean that the weekend is just around the corner. Also, everyone is much more relaxed on the last day of the week meaning you can have fun at work for a change!

Here's one thing you can do in your office today… I love how everyone else in the picture is going about their stuff like it was just a normal day at work.

What kinds of things have you pulled off at work to make the day(s) a little more exciting?

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