I think women (but not all or the majority) are more interested in finding something that resembles work/life/family balance. Not all women have (or want children) but that doesn't mean they don't want a life or don't carry other responsibilities that they (may) put greater value on than exchanging time for money in cube-land.

Personally I have seen more women become successful entrepreneurs and ditch the BS of corporate ladder-climbing. I traded out that lifestyle 12 years ago and now juggle (not balance) a family, husband, and two businesses. Much better than dealing with the garbage that goes on in corporate that affects me but I have no control over.?

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Not all women want to climb the corporate ladder – Chicago Sun-Times
Women often freely choose to say “no, thanks,” sometimes after they’ve gotten to the top itself (at work). And that’s a problem, say these authors. But a problem for whom?

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