This is a brilliant article by +C.C. Chapman – and to me totally hits the nail on the head. "Online personalities" as C.C. put it, sometimes want to develop a longer term relationship with the companies they work with – not a 'kiss & run' (my thought not his).

Whatever you call the social media / online movers and shakers – influencers, celebraties, rockstars – we generally want to get involved because we have a positive association with the brand/company to start with. Leaving us high and dry after the engagement/campaign is over is standing us up.

I'm glad C.C. wrote this. He put into words something that I couldn't quite articulate about why I am hesitant to get involved with some brands professionally. It's not that I don't like them – it's that I see the trail of 'broken dates' behind them and don't want to become the same.

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Brands Only Want to Date? | C.C. Chapman
When will brands realize that forming a long term relationship with bloggers is better than a bunch of one night stands?

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