Great article and point of view from +Brian Solis. I have a mantra that pounds in my head now for years … evolve or die.

A particular quote that struck me from Brian is "The reality is that most executives don’t use social networks." While this may be true in large corporations, this is absolutely not the case in small companies. Executives in small companies, say, 25 employees or less, absolutely have used social networks (from my experience, no formal survey). These are owners and executives that wear many all the hats when it comes to running the business. Even if they aren't hands on every single day in every single aspect of the company, you can bet they have their finger on the pulse at all times. With so little headcount, every person matters. With that it is more important now than ever that these executives take an active role in the online brand and management of their company.

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Sorry, We’re Closed: The Rise of Digital Darwinism – Brian Solis
Taking a customer-centric approached has been gospelled since the 1980 when CRM came onto the scene. Marketing and customer service started to change to reflect this customer centric approach. So this…

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