I just was referred to a post of +Chris Brogan's on Pinterest, by someone who HATED the platform before and now acts as it's the best thing since sliced bread…. except for that it's for women. They offered it as proof to me that it's for 'chicks'. I left this comment on Chris' blog, but was too fired up to just let it sit there.


This all amuses me. Months back when Pinterest first 'opened' not many people were interested, and looked down their noses at it. Why? Not because it was visual but because it was perceived as a scrapbook / dream board site for women. Now that those naysayers are eating crow because if used 'correctly', Pinterest can be either the #1 or #1 traffic referrer, often times beating out Facebook (where they had grown complacent and lazy).

So, rather than just ride the Pinterest wave, we need a 'man' version of it now?! I call bullshit. Did we need a male version of any other niche network? It it so wrong that (female) users saw an amazing – and oh… BUSINESS – use for something and wound up dominating the platform?

Now everyone is writing how awesome it is. Why is it cool now? Because online marketers realized it is a traffic generator? It worked perfectly fine before, for those people that recognized its value early on. Who's fault is it that they were mostly women? The fault is with people that take a superficial glance from the outside and see pins of scrapbook rooms and makeup tips. It any of these people had true cred as online marketing professionals, they would have seen right past the staged Home and Gardens photos and went right to the click stats.

I get that there are plenty of me-too startups after a sleeper success, Groupon proved that. My issue is that EVERY SINGLE TIME Pinterest is talked about it is labeled a women's "thing". The platform isn't for everyone, and doesn't work for every type of content or business. It has nothing to do with the fact the majority of users are women or the content is pretty.

This isn't a gender thing, so we need to all stop looking at it as such. The copy-cats are sadly opportunistic. The platform is VISUAL vs TEXTUAL. So sorry if it is just a format that women have historically been a bit better at using for communication.

This isn't a dig at Chris (although the post that fired me up is his). It is a result of all of the anti-backlashing that has been going on with Pinterest. First it sucked (why – because it was for 'girls'). Next everyone is Pinterest's BFF and pinning stock photos to try to lure traffic to their content. Let's cal a spade a spade, if you blew off Pinterest before, don't turn around and act like you discovered its usefulness. The web remembers all, and we can see posts from the fall when you bashed the platform 😉

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