I'm going to be chatting with +Yifat Cohen & +Brock Predovich this afternoon on their EI – Entrepreneurial Interviews show. It will be Live On Air hangout so be sure to check Yifat's stream for the player. I'll share it here as well – plus it's recorded so you can watch it later.

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+Lynette Young wants you to ask her almost anything, so why not do it on a recorded Hangout?

*This Thurs.@3pm central, 1pm Pacific, here and on our site: http://bit.ly/vZufBu*

She has maxed out the number of people she can follow;
She has 357,604 following her;
She is the founder and curator of Women of Google+;
Curator of Women Of Google+
She is an ex-roller skating queen,
She's rockin' at 40 with purple & green hair,
She's raising two kids & keeper of one husband.
And she claims that Steve Wozniak is her ex. SERIOUSLY.

What's her secret? Join us on our Entrepreneurial Interviews Hangout on Thurs and you'll get to ask her anything you want! (ok, almost anything) 🙂

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PS. Our Hangouts fill up quickly, so until Google graces us with On Air, we'll be streaming it live on our site: http://bit.ly/vZufBu

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