Oh my goodness THIS ARTICLE is amazing! As part of what I do for a living, I coach and mentor other professionals that are looking to transition their (sometimes decades long) experience in marketing and public relations into something that includes digital media.

For so long it was though that "knowing how to send a Tweet" or "post to Facebook" was enough to consider themselves a social media expert. No. It's not, and frankly it never was. (This also explains the fascination with interns.)

From the Brass Tack Thinking article:

You are no longer special because you understand social media at a surface level. You are not outstanding talent because you can navigate Facebook.

What you need to demonstrate is that you understand social’s role in strategy, whether it be discipline-specific (like marketing) or business-wide. Ideally both.


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Looking for a Job As a Social Business Professional? » Brass Tacks » professional development » Social Business » Social media » Brass Tack Thinking
Trying to break into social as a career? Looking to make a transition from your existing role to one that looks more like a social or community professional gig? Here are a few tips from the trenches…

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