Technology = empowerment in many countries, and in a lot of places on our planet women are denied access to it for that very reason. I would love for every single woman that wants the ability to be able to find her voice online and use it loud & clear. We are the only ones willing and able to promote ourselves.

It's damn time we started.?

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Most Powerful Women In Tech
true, but who's next?

Recently I've been pondering this exact list with some of my techie lady friends. I'm incredibly thankful that we have role models (truly), but instead of who are the "most powerful" I want to know who are on "the rise." You know? I find it to be a much more interesting assessment when we look at who are the next young women that are setting themselves up for success in the industry and then, who are the women under them? Those are the women I want to meet and collaborate with. And is it really power that needs to be advertised? What about "most thought provoking" or "most creative" or "most generous." To me it's about how can we expand our appreciation for women in the technology industry and not keep pointing to the same women each time – which makes it seem like our industry is stale for young women.


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