Although my own daughter is a bit too young in my opinion for +Seventeen Magazine, I will have to pick up a copy to look through when they implement their Photoshop-free spread. As a teen, I remember Seventeen being nothing more than "+Cosmopolitan Magazine-light" only seemingly replacing the articles on how to turn on your man with how to land your crush.

From the article: "In April Fashionista carried this story about fourteen year old Julia Bluhm who started a petition on asking Seventeen to do one spread a month with “real” girls.  Seventeen has agreed and this month they responded with a list of goals they hope their new spread will accomplish."

My favorite tween/teen magazine is +American Girl Magazine  and I actually read through it myself. Not sure if they 'shop anything though, I should really find that out. (I'm sure they do, but they really do include girls that don't fit the 'norm' of modeling.)


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A Return to Dignity?
Seventeen Magazine Forced to End Photo Editing

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