Wednesday February 8th at 2pm Eastern (uh, pretty much in 10 minutes).

+C.C. Chapman +Simon Salt & +Jane Ellen will be chatting about the pros (and cons) of Pinterest as a viable content aggregation site, who uses it, who benefits from it, and who really should get off the platform.

Heated conversation? Probably. Smart conversation? DEFINITELY. Depending on how the time goes we may open up the Hangout for other participants, but the four of us should keep the video hoppin' in the meantime.

To view the HOA – be sure to visit my Google+ stream +Lynette Young and look for the Hangout video player. You will not be able to join right away. Leave comments in the public thread under the video player, as I use this as a bit of a message board for the Hangout. If we get a chance to open up the HOA to others, I will send invites out individually.

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