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Remember live Q&A for Pick My Brain book on Livestream & Google+ Hangout at 7PM EST. Connect with me via Google+ for invite.

If you need the backstory, I wrote an article for Forbes back in March 2011 entitled No, You Can't Pick My Brain- It went viral…then went viral again this January.

Now I've written a book No, You Can't Pick My Brain, It Costs Too Much and I'm very proud of this manifesto that has freed people to draw the line. It's now available in paperback & on Kindle (soon on Nook & iBooks).

So I'll be doing a Q&A this afternoon at 7PM EST. Only 9 people will be able to join in live to chat on Hangouts, but I'll be livestreaming for those who can't get in. If your following on Twitter (@talentdiva) you can tweet me questions using hashtag #pickmybrain . Hope to see you there!

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No, You Can't Pick My Brain. It Costs Too Much – Forbes
With the Internet making information so widely available to the world, people often assume that because that information is free, so should the information from your brain. Establish your boundaries a…

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