Goal setting isn't just for people, but for businesses as well. As small business owners we tend to be able to pivot a bit more freely than larger corporations, but planning (and reflecting on past performances to make future changes) is always a great idea. Don't leave it just for the New Year!

+USA TODAY has an article out highlighting some of the more important items small businesses need to pay closer attention to in the upcoming year. I'm not one to (publicly) talk about fiscal cliffs or health insurance when it comes to small business ownership. What I am concerned about is how small businesses can utilize the Web to grab a stronger foothold in their industry. 

Of course my favorite what's ahead for small businesses in 2012 is:

Tweets, posts and hangouts in your future. In 2012, you may have proudly proclaimed that you don't tweet, wouldn't be caught dead on Facebook and don't even know what Pinterest is.

In 2013, social media is an undeniable fact of business life. People routinely ask their friends, or search on social media for a new hairdresser, lawyer or electrician.

You have to be visible in social media, taking up more of your time, or hire help.

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Every year brings change for small businesses: new laws and taxes, new challenges, opportunities, and concerns. The coming year presents even more changes and uncertainty.

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