I absolutely fell in love with this story. I hit the wall this past year with my own kids and the overload of toys they owned – but ignored. The simple toys work best for my son (4.5 years old). Blocks, LEGO, miscellaneous cars. My daughter is 10.5 and really wants nothing more than LEGO, some music instruments and books… LOTS of books.

Years ago my husband and I fell into a guilt cycle/trap of overcompensating with toys because we both work insane hours (we work from home, but that doesn't equal quality time with the kids). We have whittled it down and decided to focus on experiences not things. We are attempting to take long weekend trips with the kids instead of a pile of toys that will only go untouched. So far we haven't been able to carve out that much time (or money) to do it, but it's a start.

Growing up myself in a poor single-mom household in a town of blue collar families, I know that toys don't mean automatic happiness as a child. My neighborhood friends and I were like a gaggle of bandits running around the block pulling along one of the kid's reclaimed red wagon filled with the most amazing collection of sticks, rocks, and leaves you could ever want. It was fun, and it was enough.

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Do you agree with this mother? Can growing up without toys be MORE beneficial?

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The Boy With No Toys
Before he was born, his mother decided her son would have no toys. Abandoned by the father, she was already a single parent. She made a living cleaning for other people. Most days she took the bus ……

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