My Facebook and part of my Google+ feed is taken up with news of the Tebow trade from the Broncos to the Jets (+Gary Vaynerchuk & +Lewis Howes probably have a lot to say about the trade as well as the chatter around it). Disclaimer, I am NOT a sports fan but still like to watch the big games like the Superbowl.

What strikes me as very creepy from the outside is the fact that people get traded (like cattle or worse) out of the teams they have learned to be a team member with. Your team are the very people you played with for seasons/years on a common goal – winning the Superbowl. Now they get shuttled off to play for the competition. I'm sure a few million bucks eases the pain….

What if regular office jobs worked this way? "Hey Lynette, today your senior management decided you need to go work at a competitor, out you go!" Then up you go and learn to play with a different team. How is this good for morale or teamwork? I don't understand the 'sports' mentality at all.

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