No, I'm not leaving! I just came across a post from someone that I followed early in Google+ saying they were deleting their Google+ account (and made reference to where you could find then on Twitter & Facebook). The reason for leaving was because they felt they were using Google+ "only for promotional purposes, which seems untrue to the purposes of the site."

It's always sad (to me) to see someone leave Google+. I give this person a lot of credit though, they left willingly because they weren't getting out of the platform what they needed. Or looked at another way – they were not putting into the platform what the ecosystem expected. I honestly respect that. Outside of straight-up spammers, when a person publishes content someplace that is to the extreme outside of the 'norm', it's not beneficial to either party.

While I wholeheartedly believe that people and companies should be allowed to publish what they choose here or any other social site, the idea of only publishing advertising/marketing content should only exist (in my opinion) on your own site.

What's your take? And is it more acceptable to blanket advertise in Twitter & Facebook than it is in Google+?

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