Great song. Funny. DEAD SERIOUS topic. WE THE PEOPLE OWN THE INTERNET. We are a global tribe and will not be choked by a government that is disconnected from the vital needs of its people and the businesses that make the country thrive. Officially SOPA is referenced as : H.R. 3261 – STOP ONLINE PIRACY ACT.

The United States government are **not** experts in Internet technology or copyright issues. Yet they, openly admitting that they don’t understand ‘nerd stuff’, are attempting to pass laws that will make it financially impossible for any business with a presence on the Internet to comply with the SOPA or PIPA regulations. Existing copyright laws have proven to be sufficient to  protect our rights.

Not even Facebook or Google have enough money to monitor their sites to be sure they were not breaking laws that the MPAA and RIAA have shoved down **OUR** government’s throat. (Hint, the government works and is paid by the PEOPLE, not CORPORATIONS).

Every single small business and entrepreneur that does business on the web is in danger of breaking laws if SOPA and PIPA (or any similar litigation) passes.

Work for a company and could care less what happens to those small biz people? YOUR EMPLOYER is in mortal danger of loosing their online presence too. When they shut their doors because they no longer have clients paying your salary, you wind up on the unemployment line with thousands of others competing for the same job.

Sucks, hua? Our government is slowly censoring us to appease big companies with tons of money for lobbyists.

DO SOMETHING NOW or lose your freedoms.

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Learn why the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect IP Act (PIPA) are bad for the internet:

For the record, I have read the SOPA litigation. Read more on Wikipedia to keep up with the latest updates.