My gut reaction is that 'small businesses' in the Valley might be ready to do financial payment transactions from customers with mobile devices, but from where I stand (in New Jersey) small businesses have barely accepted social media and digital communications in mass. A good number distrust technology and have artificial fears over privacy. WE all know education is the key to this but many lack the time or motivation to become educated. (The fact that New Jersey SMB's are woefully behind the curve with digital communications and is quickly slipping is an entirely different story…)

Heck, I know of more than a few small business retail locations in New Jersey that only accept cash or CHECK (no credit cards at all). WHAT? Try telling them they need a smart phone (a shocking number of small business owners that I have met don't even own cell phones) to accept a payment from a customer and they will laugh

While I personally (and professionally) love the ideas that this +ZDNet article talks about with the pivot of +WePay, I don't realistically see small businesses giving up their POS systems and inventory tracking to take mobile payments. Micro businesses (1-2 'employees') or service based professionals that don't keep a physical location to conduct business are who could benefit the most from mobile payment acceptance – myself included.

From the article:

"The small business space is a large space, especially with payments. We looked at the market and said, OK, the retail space is really competitive — Square, PayPal, Google Wallet, LevelUp. They're asking how you bring next-generation payments to the point-of-sale."

I myself owned a retail store. I just can't see using a mobile device to scan 50 SKU's and email off a receipt quicker than using a point of sale system. Customer experience must trump cool tech geekery.


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In strategic shift, WePay targets small businesses | ZDNet
Turns out that the “people who owe their friends money” market isn’t enough to sustain a company.

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