+Gini Dietrich at Spin Sucks has posted a great article and observation about +Marissa Mayer's +Vanity Fair photos and interview. Click on the link (http://spinsucks.com/entrepreneur/the-double-standard-in-womens-equality-is-alive-and-well/), I'll wait. Come back when you are done.


Why is it when professional women do something related to fashion or beauty it is automatically trashed upon as if the woman is 'begging for attention'? Why is it that professional women are expected to fit one stereotype and only show one side of their personality or lives to the public?

As an aside, I have to say that I don't think this is limited to the gender of women. The current POTUS +Barack Obama had similar issues, in my opinion. When he was first elected of seeming too common, familiar, or personable – and not the stoic single-faceted person 'we' expected from a person in his office. Photos posted of him with his family and family pet, photos of him in slightly casual situations (at a dinner with jacket off and sleeves rolled up for example) or photos of him hugging or kissing his wife were (and are) all frowned upon by some that feel he doesn't fit the job (party politics aside on this one). I won't even start to cover how Hillary Clinton is ripped to shreds when she dares appear in public with gray in her hair or sans makeup.

A person, regardless of position, stature, or role is still a person. We have GOT to stop trying to force people (ourselves included…) into some neatly packaged and curated version of what the public feels we should conform to. 

Gini puts it exactly how I'd approach it in regards to Mayer's Vogue interview:

Maybe I’m not supposed to say this, but if Vogue asked me to do a photo shoot and interview with them, I would jump at the chance. Put me in pretty clothes, do my hair and makeup, photoshop out some of my physical flaws, and let me talk about the business I’m growing? I would LOVE that.

Thanks Gini for writing this! Someday I will get to meet you in person and share a bottle with you for consistently writing and expressing amazing forward-thinking ideas and commentary.


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The Double Standard in Women’s Equality is Alive and Well
It’s a shame, in 2013, we have to continue having this discussion, but the double standard of men vs. women is still alive and well.

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