While I have many books still 'in the cloud' in my iPad Kindle reader (and literally thousands in my 'dead tree' library at home), there are a good number of book I have downloaded into my tablet. Most books I've read already or have read in actual book format. Some I just like to have readily available to flip through text I have highlighted and find inspiration in re-reading.

What's in your ebook stack right now? This is what is in mine!

– APE by +Guy Kawasaki 
– Social State by +Esteban Contreras 
– Wheat Belly by William Davis, MD
– Flinch by +Julien Smith 
– Les Miserable by Victor Hugo
– Google+ for Small Businesses by +Lynette Young 
– Amazing Things Will Happen by +C.C. Chapman 
– Secrets of Six-Figure Women by Barbara Stanny
– B2B Marketing Confessions by +John Wall 
– The Pumpkin Plan by +Mike Michalowicz 
– NO You Can't Pick My Brain by +Adrienne Graham 
– Content Rules by +Ann Handley & +C.C. Chapman 
– Click Millionaires by +Scott Fox 

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