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Old Navy Spring Dress Haul

I can’t resist a great deal, especially on an item that I wear or use constantly. Last year I picked up two spring dresses from Old Navy and they quickly became my ‘go to’ outfit for warm spring days and most of the summer.

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L’Oreal Ever Cleansing Balm Review

I know you aren’t supposed to wash your hair every day but I go to the gym and NEED to wash my hair every day. Before I the elliptical took over my mornings it was easy to go two or three days without shampooing but that’s just not possible anymore.

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 I solemnly swear I'm up to no good... Wrapping up my trip at the Further with Ford event at the test track where I was lucky enough to hang with @jtramsay @ericttung @petershankman & @teedubyaw. I wasn't brave enough to get a ride in the #FocusRS, I get carsick if I have someone driving me around like that (*I* need to be the one driving!) My preference was to drive a Ford 150 on the track and control the gas and wheel myself! I also got a good look at some RV conversions using Ford as the base. I think my company needs a customized RV to go on tour and see our clients across the country! #fordtrends  I'm about to faint #fordtrends  My new #laptop #sticker #lmgtfy  I may have bought myself a little treat today at #hottopic. #WonderWoman
 I can't believe I got to not only hear @andradaymusic sing 20' from me but talk to her. I'm speechless... #fordtrends  #FordTrends I can't help but think Mr. Ford would be happy to see old tech with new tech.  My new #laptop #sticker #lmgtfy  The Happy Store...

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