Lynette Radio iPod Video Time Capsule

iPod Video Time Capsule

Cleaning out my dressing room the other day I came across my old iPod Video 60GB in a forgotten purse. (The battery was dead of course.) I've since plugged it into my computer and charged it up and flipped through this tiny technology timecapsule of my past audio interests. If my memory serves me right, this was my first 'official' Apple device. Prior to this I had some sort of purple MP3 player that I picked up for much less than the Apple devices were going for. When my second podcast was in … Read More...

LynetteRadioReentering the world of podcasting

Reentering the world of podcasting

Podcasting is hot, right?! So what better time to jump back in than now? My (Internet) last name IS Radio after all. Last year I attended and spoke at the first Podcast Movement and - fingers … Read More...

Got online in 1988

Haven't been disconnected since. Ran a for-fee BBS in the early days where we sold fiction stories (don't ask) & drink recipes (we were underage). People would mail us a $5 bill in the … Read More...

Brand New Beginnings

EDIT: It was a great 9 month run, but in the end the position didn't quite meet up to what I had hoped. Great product. Great company. Some amazing team members. I'm back "out" doing what I do best - … Read More...

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