LynetteRadio Living Fiercely

Living Fiercely

The dictionary defines 'fierce' as: --> having or displaying an intense or ferocious aggressiveness --> showing a heartfelt and powerful intensity --> powerful and destructive in extent or intensity All of those resonate with me. I'm beginning to think that middle age (and this is apparently your mid-40s) is the new early 20s. Or at least that's where I feel I've been picking up again with the things in my life that I want to do and experience that I've missed out in the past. Damn. … Read More...

LynetteRadio I Hate Snow

The year I lost my weather-hating mind

Want to strike terror in my heart? Philadelphia and places east have the best chances of seeing over a foot (of snow) I am beginning to **hate** New Jersey. I've lived here all my life and this is … Read More...

Lynette Radio iPod Video Time Capsule

iPod Video Time Capsule

Cleaning out my dressing room the other day I came across my old iPod Video 60GB in a forgotten purse. (The battery was dead of course.) I've since plugged it into my computer and charged it up and … Read More...

LynetteRadioReentering the world of podcasting

Reentering the world of podcasting

Podcasting is hot, right?! So what better time to jump back in than now? My (Internet) last name IS Radio after all. Last year I attended and spoke at the first Podcast Movement and - fingers … Read More...

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