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Old Navy Spring Dress Haul

I can’t resist a great deal, especially on an item that I wear or use constantly. Last year I picked up two spring dresses from Old Navy and they quickly became my ‘go to’ outfit for warm spring days and most of the summer.

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L’Oreal Ever Cleansing Balm Review

I know you aren’t supposed to wash your hair every day but I go to the gym and NEED to wash my hair every day. Before I the elliptical took over my mornings it was easy to go two or three days without shampooing but that’s just not possible anymore.

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 #wcus with @photomatt  Playing #ExplodingKittens on a Sunday afternoon  I bought #pumpkinpie and do not intend on saving any for #thanksgiving #selfish  My 9 year old has a #Clarinet & figured how to get notes out already. Send Advil.
 PSA: If you put #socialinfluencer in your Facebook / Instagram / Twitter profile you are most decidedly NOT.  #Happythanksgiving!  I'm currently trapped on my couch by two adorable #puppies. Don't send help, I'll survive!  Today has been filled with calls & recording. I need a nap! #nomakeup #bluemicrophones

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