Spinning My Wheels

Lately I have been so busy spinning my wheels at work there is no time for anything else except for family.  All I do is chase business and work.  No conferences, no networking, no meetups, no book writing – nothing.  There can be no growth if there is no exit from my cute little office.  While I love our existing clients, every business needs a healthy flow of fresh new client faces.  Running lean on staff, as most small businesses do, doesn’t leave me much time to cultivate and nurture new relationships for business like I should be doing.  Right now I’m running fast as hell in place and getting nowhere.

I want need to start soliciting the book proposal that I have been sitting on half finished for over a year.

I want need to travel to conferences to meet new people and make new business.

I want need to work with a few high-profile clients that actually agree to let me use their name publicly instead of keeping my company behind the curtain.

I still want need a vacation with my family.

About Lynette

LynetteRadio is the alter-ego of the MarTech geek Lynette Young. She's been a pioneer in social media since she began blogging in 1997. In 2006 she founded Purple Stripe Productions (now on hold due to a full-time gig she loves), a social technology and strategy firm. Lynette has worked with companies, organizations, and professionals to help them have more meaningful conversations with their customers in new and engaging ways using digital publishing platforms. She's also a makeup junkie, shoe collector, gamer geek, and fan of Doctor Who (and all things David Tennant).


  1. EdRoberts says:

    I know the feeling. I've been in the same boat, but for slightly different reasons. It's amazing how time away from the office can make a world of difference in your work though. Best of luck with the juggle! *hugs*