Be sure to tune in to tonight's LIVE Hangout On Air (#HOA) tonight at 9pm EST…

Be sure to tune in to tonight's LIVE Hangout On Air (#HOA) tonight at 9pm EST – in about 15 minutes – when I chat with +Jacqueline Carly! Just take a visit over to my Google+ stream at that time to watch via the video player.

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Women of Google+ LIVE HOA

Monday February 27th 9pm EST

Tonight’s +Women of Google+ Live Hangout on Air ( #HOA ) show features +Jacqueline Carly. Jacqueline is holistic health & nutrition counselor, fitness & endurance coach and is perusing her dream of becoming a Kirtan singer. Her story is fascinating and inspirational and I’m glad she can join us for a chat!

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Interview with Jacqueline Carly : Professional Women of G+ Series | Women of Google+
Women of Google+is a destination to learn, share and explore what it takes to thrive on social networking platforms both personally and professionally.

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  1. "Just take a visit over to my Google+ stream …" sigh if only I knew what that meant.

  2. Click on my name to view all my content +Sue Werner

  3. THANK YOU THANK YOU +Lynette Young for having me on as a guest, it was an honor. Your are so kind and have such a beautiful spirit. I truly appreciate you :) BIG GIANT HUGS!! xoxoox

  4. Seriously, the thanks is mine to give to you. I'm glad I got to pick your brain and see your spirit ;) You are amazing & inspirational….

  5. I feel so dense. I spent hours clicking on names and such and couldn't find "the stream" Looks like I missed the whole thing.

  6. +Sue Werner it will be up later tomorrow on YouTube ;( When you click on a person's name (highlighted in blue with a + in front of it) you are taken to their 'stream' where you can see only their posts & shares. Hope that helps!!!

  7. OK. That much I got, but how do I find the hangout or the show or the interview? I'm leaving G+ for the nite. I can't believe I spent 2 hours searching for something. Got too much other stuff to do.