Just in case you needed more proof that interacting in Google+ is good for you across the entire Internet (especially the parts Google has…) here's a quick screenshot of my Google News (https://news.google.com) page.

Today's top story is about the impending doom from the flu virus in the United States. (Note: Did you get your flu shot yet??!!) Right below that is a Google+ post from +Christopher Penn talking about the same topic. Chris' name, face, and content are top of page with the hottest news around. For free. And now because of that, not only is Chris top of mind to me, he's getting an entire piece of content written about HIM from ME that I'm sharing with YOU.

So, like everyone else on the Internet wants to really know…what does this mean to YOU?

1. Post about relevant news content in a compelling and natural way in Google+

2. Grow your social network by circling other people (and in return having others circle you – more about all that jazz in my book "Google+ for Small Businesses" http://www.lynetteyoung.com/books)

3. Research Google Authorship and make sure you are getting it 'right'

4. Increase your reach and relevancy

It takes work folks! Now get to it!!

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