A good number of small businesses (especially retailers!) and entrepreneurs that I work with look down their nose at the networking power of LinkedIn for their business growth. Many feel that it is only a clearing house for recruiters and job hunters. Once you start thinking outside of direct customers, the possibilites for using LinkedIn are almost endless. Industry news, lateral business opportunities, vendor acquisition, competitive analysis….

As a freelancer, entrepreneur, or small business owner, do you use (and find value from) LinkedIn? The network has hit 200 million registered users, will the new influx of people help or hurt the platform?

From the Search Engine Watch article written by +Jasmine Sandler:

Because of the transparency of user profiles, all recommendations and endorsements (although not as credible) will need to come from quality sources. LinkedIn search engine visibility is now crucial for a user's profile, so the profile must be developed in such a way to support an individual’s business and brand-driving keywords.

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