Entrepreneur Not-A-Hackathon in Philly PA

Are you in the Philly area and want to totally kickstart your great idea? Thanks +Chuck Hall for the info!!!

Are you an entrepreneur with a business or business idea that you'd like to work on with a team of other helpful people for 36 hours straight? Novotorium is hosting a "Not-a-Hackathon, 36 hour sleepover," Wednesday, June 28 & Thursday, June 29. It's focused on tech-oriented businesses. We're looking for developers, marketers, designers, and business owners.

I seriously need to see if I can attend (I'm traveling the entire week before so my family may have objections!)

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Entrepreneur Summer CampEntrepreneur Summer Camp – The best summer you'll ever invest.
The best summer you'll ever invest.

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    Its too bad I am in Las Vegas, I could use some help from other people who have the talent suggested by the 'Developer' job title.

    I will just do it myself.

    Rapid and Transparent PHP Development Platform. A website platform aimed at people who can make their own website engine but want a secure and light weight and transparent code environment base to develop from which can coexist with any other script.

    Server Instance Dashboard for launching Secure/Minimal Linux Servers and with remote and logged automated control over SSH. Maintenance, Monitoring, Backup, Rebuild/Migrate/Relaunch, while providing a platform for you to make changes to the server which can be repeated in an automated fashion for the next rebuild.

    If this sounds interesting, drop me a line.