Jane's Interact-A-Licious circle! I have to admit, they are all really interesting people to follow in Google+. Smart, insightful, and funny – just like Jane!!

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Dear New Google+ Users (I'm looking at you +Brad Pitt.) Learning something new is a) a pain, b) scary and c) often ponderous. Here, let me make it easier for you. These folks I have dubbed Interact-A-Licious. They are my go-to's for hangouts and terrific original content. What you'll get by adding this circle is a well-rounded stream with some comedy, technology, music, photography, and just plain interesting stuff from people all over the globe. Well, they're interesting to me (and I'm certain they will all agree). And that's the beauty of Google+. You can figure out in a week or so of reading if they are posting the kinds of things you enjoy. If I left out someone with whom I regularly interact, my apologies.

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