Hangout Caregivers Project

What a brilliant and much needed idea!

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Some Steps to Start with the Hangout Caregivers Project.

1. Find Seniors through Family, Friends, Churches, Retirement Centers, Rec Centers, etc.

2. Take action: Once you have found someone who would like to hangout, return here and tell us about the person so someone else with a match can hook up with you. Then the two of you can connect.

3. Help them get familiar with Google+ and Google+Hangouts and have them experience the hangouts by walking them through it and supporting them on their first few hangouts. Write a small list of how to get on Google+ and Google+Hangouts.

4. Help them understand and overcome the fear of technology, using the computer, and teach about the safe practices of using the internet. Teach about making hangouts private. Teach about the difference between a public and private hangout. How to turn on and off the audio and visual screen. And how to exit a hangout.

5. Share about the benefits of a hangout by suggesting and show activities, games, videos, having stimulating conversations, and even perhaps having family time together.

Coming Soon
The Hangout Caregivers Project Page to learn more about Hangouts, find events, and find other Seniors and people to chat with.

And PS. as you watch the video look at the joy in her eyes and amazement, it truly is beautiful to witness.

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