Only one hour to go until the Live Hangout On Air with +Matthew Ebel! Let's chartbomb…

Only one hour to go until the Live Hangout On Air with +Matthew Ebel! Let's chartbomb this sucker!

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+Matthew Ebel Live Concert – Wednesday April 25, 2012

Today we are "chartbombing" Matthew Ebel's new single "I Wish I Were Here" & are celebrating by having a live Hangout on Air concert!!

Be sure to tune in to my (+Lynette Young) stream tonight at 7pm EST for a live Hangout on Air / YouTube simulcast with Matthew Ebel. I will be opening up the Hangout to a few fans, so let me know if you want in!

What's chartbombing & how do I do it? Purchase the single “I Wish I Were” for 99¢ – Even if you intend to buy the full album, just buy the single first! The iTunes link is attached to this post.

If you signed up to buy the whole album, go back to after downloading the single and take advantage of iTunes “Complete My Album” feature. The rest of the album will be discounted so you’re not buying the same track twice. This way “I Wish I Were” will still hit the single charts even if you’re buying the whole album.

Please share & show your support for indie musicians!

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iTunes – Music – The Lives of Dexter Peterson by Matthew Ebel
Preview songs from The Lives of Dexter Peterson by Matthew Ebel on the iTunes Store. Preview, buy, and download The Lives of Dexter Peterson for $9.99. Songs start at just $0.99.

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  1. +Lynette Young thanks for sharing Matthew Ebel Chartbombing Concert with us. I am listening to it in the background at work today.

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