Only smart gamers need apply to Google+

I love how some social gaming companies /cough Zynga cough/ are taking their toys and going home from Google+. If you notice in the article, publishers like Kabam that make games for 'more serious gamers' are finding value in being on Google+. Brain-dead games like Farmville haven't caught on over here. DUH. (That's my professional analysis). THIS ISN'T FACEBOOK FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE! Do NOT assume the community here has the same spending and social habits as the 'Bookers do!!!!!


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Game Makers Pull Titles From Google+
Two big makers of online games said they are pulling titles from Google's fledgling Google+ social network, the latest stumble in the Internet giant's attempt to create a viable competitor to Facebook…

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    nice, I made the same observation this morning.. typical "facebook is more awesome then google+ because" lame ass example..because you know..I like having my entire feed as game requests…

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    As evidenced by the "Trending" list – all the inhabitants of G+ are not the cream of the crop… :-)  It is probably more for them that many G+ Games are intended.

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    I've looked and still can't seem to find a public SDK for developing games for Google+.  I see portals for chrome store apps, but nothing talking about how to post to the games stream, etc.  I'm about done with a facebook connect game (word game) and really wanted it on both networks.

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    In my opinion, Google+ needs to develop a new concept of social gaming. It can, though developers don't understand it yet. The way is to use hangouts. Think of it. Think about a real-time strategy game, a MMORPG, or anything like that, totally inside hangouts, with built-in audio and video chat, the ability to create teams, even with a game master for every hangout, which might be nothing more than a powerful "room" for playing! We have the technology. We have the demand. We have the developers.
    Yes, Google+ can really become a base for smart social gaming…

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    personally, as long as pool (8-ball or 9-ball) is offered, I could care less about the rest. Just saying!

    Games on Google+ are, IMO, primarily a "rest stop" for most of us, not a tourist destination.

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    +Darren Dowdall I would agree with that. As +Christopher Poirier pointed out, one of biggest complaints about FB, is the constant and relentless barrage of fucking game requests. I've been a G+ user since closed beta and I love the fact our community isn't tied up in brain numbing activities such as Farmville.

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    The endless game requests are the problem with most social games.  The games are built around forcing users to spread the game rather than inspiring the user to share the experience.

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    I never play games on Facebook, constant game requests are the bane of my life. I played the games on Google+ when I first opened my account, way back. That was accessing G+ in a browser…since getting G+ for phone and iPad I hadn't even noticed G+ games. I'm not actually sure if/how to access games through the App.

    But that's fine by me I have plenty fun without gaming…but that said, what +Andrea Rossi suggested could be a fun and new angle in social gaming. Difficult to develop but I definitely like the thinking

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    I fully support this move – only yesterday I closed down my Facebook profile because of things like constant game requests and game requests from people I barely know (in addition to a plethora of other reasons). I generally don't support anything that panders to the lowest common denominator solely because it's an "easy dollar", anyhow.

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    'We don't need no stinking games'

    I enjoy the amount of thoughtful information that one can glean from the G+ community, but I'm stuck in both worlds.

    When I first started FB, I did the the Farmville thing, and after a while realized what a waste of time it was, and then began to block all game requests.

    When G+ started to offer games, I was saddened and very much disliked seeing the easy top menu access to them, and now applaud G+ for moving games to a sub-menu.

  11. Bryon Carter says

    facebook, where reason and civility go to die. or is that the Tea Party… scary analogy.

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    Kabam sees value in Google+? HA! Thats pretty funny considering with how low regards they seem to keep the Google+ players. The game I play of theirs (Edgeworld) has fewer features available to G+ players than to everyone else.

    +Andrea Rossi – Absolutely! Given this is the one place the API is available to a variety of developers, its not surprise this is what we're seeing already. Things like +Tabletop Forge are doing RPGs through hangouts, and have a kickstarter campaign to improve their product even more. There is a small and dedicated group of developers who are working hard to make some fun games for the hangout platform.

    +Tobin Rysenga – There is no public gaming API yet. Google has been very silent on if such a thing will ever be available.

    Games are important. Fun is important. And games and fun are social activities. The problem is that the games that Facebook propagated are anti-social games, and when left in an isolated environment like Google+, they just rotted. But games done correctly should work right. Google just didn't do it correctly.

    What I find amusing about all this reporting is that nobody seems to have noticed the announcement that game notifications can be in your main stream now… funny how thats ignored.

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    This was an actual solvable problem, but Google ghettoized the games. Casual gaming transcends any small pockets on the internet, so no, G+ users aren't any more precious than other users (/flamesuit on). The fact remains that very profitable, known, and successful companies are leaving a big company's growing product, reinforcing a ghost town narrative and will be countered with an elitist town from the users. Lose lose.