Attention all small business owners. Take a look at +Mrs. G TV & Appliances and +Debbie Schaeffer's latest blog post. THIS is how you 'do social' RIGHT. I'm asked on a regular basis to provide examples of small businesses (especially retailers) that are making positive strides with social media and growing their business. Debbie is always top of my list, not just for social/digital media, but for women owned business owners. She should be a role model for everyone.

How did Debbie do it? She tried things that are new and seem of interest to how she operates and how her business functions. She was proactive about culling out the duds and the ones that didn't generate traffic or business. She hired outside help to get her ahead faster.

Her latest blog is a great read and should really make you think about why you participate in social media for your business, if it's worth it, and if you should cut or grow it.

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Debbie Schaeffer, CEO of Mrs. G TV & Appliances, Social Media Business Plan For 2013 — Debbie’s Blog
Debbie Schaeffer, CEO of Mrs. G TV & Appliances, breaks down her Social Media Business Plan for 2013 and reflects back 4 years when she first started with Twitter.

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