TSA agents – too many to count at this point – are nothing more than savage, inhuman…

TSA agents – too many to count at this point – are nothing more than savage, inhuman monsters. I want to know how many of these idiots have been fired to date? How someone doesn't turn vigilante and run them over in the airport parking deck is beyond me.

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4-Year-Old Gets TSA Pat-Down Following Hug From Grandma – The Consumerist
Kids today. They say and do the darndest things, even under the watchful eye of the Transportation Security Administration. So who knows what happens when your 4-year-old daughter gives grandma a hug …

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    Oh well, I've had an engine flame out a few times in an
    aircraft, and I was kind of curious as to whether it was
    gonna light up again, things of that nature, but uh, they
    seemed to work out…

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    This just gets me sputtering mad. And the idiocy of some of the comments.

    ETA: Not the comments here, the comments on the linked post.

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    Living in Canada, i can no longer fly to South America, Caribbean due to not being allowed to fly over US soil. So if i want to go to Cuba, have to fly to UK first then to Cuba.

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    The agents are doing what they're there to do and following the rules they've been given. Perhaps it would help more to work on affecting the agency that writes those rules rather than calling the men and women doing what they can to help "monsters" and "idiots."

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    Screaming at a 4 year old isn't always unacceptable. Lol. All joking aside, stress can cause people to do things they wouldn't normally do. That being said, they were just doing their job. I love dogs…all of them. But sometimes in my job as a meter reader I come across dogs that I am supposed to mace, but I avoid it at all costs. I've yet to use my mace, by the way.

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    No. They were not just doing their jobs. I deal with a hell of a lot of stress in my job too, but if I ever behaved in such a destructive, thoroughly unprofessional manner I would fully expect to be up on charges and summarily terminated.

    Remember also, the TSA's prime function is not to make us safer. It's job is to make us feel safer. Can you truthfully say that the behavior of those agents made you feel a. more safe or b. less safe? Be honest now.

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    The problem with the TSA is that they utterly fail to properly screen their own screeners. If your inability to handle stress (and a fucking four year old should be no threat any kind of real law enforcement professional) leads you to abusive treatment of those whom you are paid to protect, you should never have been hired. Furthermore, after an exhibition like that you should be fired on the spot.

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    With all the literal billions the TSA spends to convince us that we are safe from {insert current bogeyman here} you would think they could afford to select, pay and train these people appropriately. The fact that that they obviously do not indicates that actual security is not their true mission.

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    Of course, now that the TSA is actively monitoring social networks for negative commentary towards that august organization, I fully expect most of us in this thread to be placed on the no-fly list forthwith.

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    If I did I would understand why, however they definitely should have used more family friendly tactics. But I know one thing; if they stop patting down children then there would be alot more children made to unwittingly carry weapons or other types of items they don't allow on planes, then everyone else would not only feel b, but be b

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    If you are going to physically assault, pardon me, pat down a small child, the first thing you do not do is separate that child from its mother! Those agents did just about everything wrong.

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    I bet the mother of the child only seen it as an emotional nightmare for the child, but I didn't see any postings about the way the other passengers felt that it was unfair. The way it was written made me feel that it was an interviewer for a newspaper and not a first hand account of what happened. Have you ever been in a restaurant where there was an unruly child that you thought should have been disciplined rather than comforted? This may have been one of those incidents.

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    Most people don't feel such actions are "unfair" unless they're being subjected to them. This didn't appear to be an unruly kid … the agents provoked the confrontation, and just bulled on through as if the kid were an uncooperative adult.

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    You're right about people not feeling that things are unfair unless faced with the same predicament. If you dont think a child screaming and running from the cops through an airport is unruly, then you must bee one of the parents who comfort rather than correct. The article was written to stir up emotion, but if I've learned anything in the past, it's that you can't always believe what you read. Of all the times in the history of youtube, there aren't videos of this. Probably because it was an overreaction to a routine pat down.

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    +Anthony Yonko Could be. But then again, kids aren't entirely rational when faced with a (to them) terrifying situation. What is routine for an adult may not be for a child: hell, a lot of adults object to these procedures and TSA personnel behavior. It's scary, and the lack of trust only makes it worse.

    Besides, there are ways to handle children (unruly or otherwise), but that requires training and good management. Compare the way these people handled this to how a cop might have. And remember, these aren't cops and don't have the same level of training.

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    You're right though. Some video would be nice.

    And I agree … there are a lot of parents who don't put their kids in their place when they get out of hand.

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    the TSA is so out of touch. walking thru the airport I counted 26 agents at the entry checkpoint standing around with nothing to do. totally unproductive.