Google+ Custom URL Land Grab

Social media mangers on your mark … Unique URL land grab coming right up! It seems that verified pages and people may get first shot at grabbing a custom URL, so hopefully I'll get first call at my own name and 

For the record, there is no way on Earth Britney Spears should get a custom link before I do. Hugh Jackman… well, I'll make an exception for him.


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Custom URLs for profiles and pages: a first step

Your Google+ profile is a place for you to share your passions with the millions of people who come to Google each day. Whether you're a clothing brand showing off your latest fashions (, an athlete talking about the game (, or an actor recalling a favorite role (, your Google+ profile helps you connect with the people who share your interests. Today we’re introducing custom URLs to make it even easier for people to find your profile on Google+.

A custom URL is a short, easy to remember web address that links directly to your profile or page on Google+. For instance, +TOYOTA  can now use to unveil their latest models, +Britney Spears  can share her upcoming appearances at, +Ubisoft  can share game trailers and videos at, and +Delta  can help travellers find great deals at

Custom URLs will also be available to people and pages worldwide, so brands like Globo can point readers to, or any of their other Brazilian publications.

At first, we’re introducing custom URLs to a limited number of verified profiles and pages. But over time we plan to offer custom URLs to many more brands and individuals, so please stay tuned!


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Google+ Hangout Apps

Oh, hey, in case you havent' seen it – it's official! Google+ has added Apps to the Hangout structure. They are wicked fun but oh-my-goodness open up a wealth of ideas and opportunities for professional and business uses. My favorite has to be +Cacoo, +SlideShare (TOTALLY!!) & +Scoot & Doodle. They are fun but work for business too. Business should be fun by the way!

I'm about to put up a calendar for Google+ / Hangouts "Open Door Office Hours" for me & my company (social media technology/coaching) so be prepared to have fun with Apps!

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Do more with more apps in Google+ Hangouts

Hangouts are great for spending time together, as well as doing things together. That's why we've been adding apps to Hangouts since launch — from YouTube to screensharing to Google Docs. Today we're introducing a starter set of featured apps, and enabling developers to share any hangout app with the entire Google+ community!

Now when you start a hangout, you'll notice a new "Apps" button at the top of your screen. Once inside you'll see both Featured and Recent hangout apps, including:

1) +Aces Hangout, for playing poker with friends, face-to-face-to-face
2) Clubhouse Challenge by +Bravo, for testing your pop culture IQ against other teams
3) +Cacoo, for wire-framing, mind-mapping and diagramming with others
4) Google Effects, for trying on headwear, eyewear or facial hair
5) +Scoot & Doodle, for drawing and coloring with the people you care about
6) +SlideShare, for co-viewing presentations, docs and videos

Beyond these featured items, we're making it easy for any developer to distribute hangout apps across Google+. Just post a link to your app, and users can click to add it to their hangout. It then appears in “Recent” for all their future hangouts. Our Google+ Developers blog has more details

We're rolling out these changes gradually, so check back soon if you don't see them yet. In the meantime, you're welcome to hang out for a while, and let us know what you think in the comments!


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Fun to be sure! Be prepared for an onslaught of memes

But after the 'shiny' has worn off, there are actual, practical, and dare I say professional uses for this.

Thanks Google!! ;)

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Adding funny text to photos

Adding a few words can turn a silly photo into a ROFL, or draw attention to what you find most interesting. Today we're rolling out a feature that makes it easier to add big, bold text on top of your photos.

To try it out, drop a photo into the sharebox on Google+, then click the "Add text" button underneath the photo. Type in something funny, then share and enjoy.

This feature will be rolling out over the next few days — I hope you enjoy it! :) We'll be keeping our eyes on the stream for the funniest examples, so have fun! #funwithphotos #googleplusupdate

We made a few to get you started:

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