Oh, hey, in case you havent' seen it – it's official! Google+ has added Apps to the Hangout structure. They are wicked fun but oh-my-goodness open up a wealth of ideas and opportunities for professional and business uses. My favorite has to be +Cacoo, +SlideShare (TOTALLY!!) & +Scoot & Doodle. They are fun but work for business too. Business should be fun by the way!

I'm about to put up a calendar for Google+ / Hangouts "Open Door Office Hours" for me & my company (social media technology/coaching) so be prepared to have fun with Apps!

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Do more with more apps in Google+ Hangouts

Hangouts are great for spending time together, as well as doing things together. That's why we've been adding apps to Hangouts since launch — from YouTube to screensharing to Google Docs. Today we're introducing a starter set of featured apps, and enabling developers to share any hangout app with the entire Google+ community!

Now when you start a hangout, you'll notice a new "Apps" button at the top of your screen. Once inside you'll see both Featured and Recent hangout apps, including:

1) +Aces Hangout, for playing poker with friends, face-to-face-to-face
2) Clubhouse Challenge by +Bravo, for testing your pop culture IQ against other teams
3) +Cacoo, for wire-framing, mind-mapping and diagramming with others
4) Google Effects, for trying on headwear, eyewear or facial hair
5) +Scoot & Doodle, for drawing and coloring with the people you care about
6) +SlideShare, for co-viewing presentations, docs and videos

Beyond these featured items, we're making it easy for any developer to distribute hangout apps across Google+. Just post a link to your app, and users can click to add it to their hangout. It then appears in “Recent” for all their future hangouts. Our Google+ Developers blog has more details http://goo.gl/CUAJ0

We're rolling out these changes gradually, so check back soon if you don't see them yet. In the meantime, you're welcome to hang out for a while, and let us know what you think in the comments!


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