It's EASY. It doesn't matter how many people follow you, but that the ones that do feel loved, seen, heard, and respected. I strive to behave as if I have 90 followers, not 900,000. OWN your experience.

You have to earn every single person's attention & then you have to work 10x as hard to keep it. Just because people see you in here doesn't mean you have inspired them enough for a simple click to circle. Time and attention are a greater commodity than money. Do not waste people's time.

This goes 100x more for businesses or brands. Bring your "A Game". Bring your passions. If you don't care – we don't care. Our nature is not to trust you after decades of shoving sexy ads and sanitized marketing in our faces and down our throats (even if it wasn't you or your brand specifically). Make. Us. LOVE. You.

For the record, I'm still a Social Media Groupie (woot-woot!!) and work really hard at my job, for my clients/brands, for my – and above all else – for my family.

You also have to put in your time and earn your scars……..

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