My thoughts on the election results

WOW. I finally won! And by that I mean since I was 18 years old I have never voted for a president that had won the office. I was a Perot gal, a Kerry gal, a Edwards gal, even a write-in gal. But now I’m 100% an Obama gal!  I’m sure going to try to […]

And the winner is…the Internet

Retro TV

Television is so last-century for tracking the election. It’s so last-century for getting information or buying into twisted campaign ads. The Internet is where it’s at!  As much as I enjoy reading websites and publications from both sides of the ticket, I want my *news* to come from as neutral a place as possible.  I […]


My One Vote Counts

That title should really say it all, but it doesn’t.  A good number of people are sick of hearing about politics and just want the election to be over.  I’m getting sick of the political commercials during what little television I watch. I’ve decided that I’m going to wait until my daughter comes home from […]